Healthy Shorelines

What did we learn?

The combined resources of the working group generated many documents, strategies, ideas and methods. These would assist the group in achieving its goal of helping others help themselves in addition to working towards the delivery of our mission. To help organize existing information and coordinate the development of more tools, the work group set up three basic "tools" categories:

  1. Tools that already exist (no sense re-inventing the wheel).
  2. Tools that the Vincent Lake Working Group has built to date.
  3. Tools that will be required to be built in the near future.

These combined tools will help communities with their present and future needs in managing riparian areas and their watersheds. To learn how we went about this, plus some of the lessons we have learned to date please click here.

Did you know that only about 1% of the world's water is fresh and about 1/4 of that 1% is in Canada.